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  CopyBoy is a very handy and time-saving utility. With CopyBoy installed you'll work smarter and faster than ever before. It provides one-click access to frequently used text. It has 10 slots to store frequently used texts. To copy the text to clipboard, just click on the copy button in front of each slot, or drag-and-drop the text. It can float on top of all other programs and make it very visible and accessible.

  • Don't waste time typing the same thing over and over, save it on CopyBoy.
  • Having a hard time to the find the file you frequently use? Save the file in CopyBoy.
  • It's very easy to use, and efficient.
  • Stores your frequently used text, e-mail, HTML tags, contact information, user name and password...
  • Windows only provides one clipboard, and that's not enough. Don't struggle with the only one clipboard. Get CopyBoy, and it expands the number of clipboards to 10.
  • Download a free trial today!