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Nortica   Platinum    $100    

Nortica Platinum
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Introducing Nortica Platinum

  • Access to more insider information about top ebay sellers.

    Nortica 500 only shows you the top 500 ebay sellers. The Nortica Platinum shows 5,000 top ebay sellers. Information includes their feedback, current auctions, category make-ups, and more.

  • Easy to use cross segment analysis.

    The data is organized into segments like Country, State and Category. You can drill down from any of these segments as well as viewing the data from cross segments.

  • Proprietary technology, powerful like no other.

    Novato Technology has long been the expert on both Data Wharehouse and Data Analysis. Also, we have been analyzing eBay for years. By putting together our data expertise and eBay knowledge, we have created a vibrant data model to help eBay sellers improve their performance on eBay.

  • Detailed analysis help.
  • Information is updated monthly.
  • Help you see what the heavy weight ebay sellers made of.
  • See where the top sellers are, Geo-location or on the ebay category map.
  • See what the top sellers are selling.
  • The tool you must have to compete on ebay.
  • The tool you must have to find the ebay targeting products.
  • The tool you must have to find best ebay selling model.
  • The tool you must have to make your living on ebay.
Screen Shots:
    Membership for Nortica Platinum is $100 per year.
  1. Click on the Join button to pay for the membership fee.
  2. An email will send to you shortly after we received your payment.
  3. The email will provide you with the link to login page and the temporary password to login. Your user name will be your email address.
Any questions or problems sign up, please email support@nortica.com.